eco valley

Cofco Eco Valley

Design proposal for the Expo zone of the COFCO Agri-Ecological Valley Development, comprising reception centre, expo buildings, two luxury hotels and a winery.

We propose a design that is modern – but essentially local – and iconic – but on a human scale. Our proposed strategy uses sustainable planning and landscaping principles that draw inspiration from local vernacular planning ideas.

Furthermore our strategy concentrates on the creation of spaces and experiences for the visitors of the Valley. We have created both indoor and outdoor spaces that – when moved through in a sequence – provide tourists with a number of appealing experiences tied together in the COFCO Agri-Ecological Valley experience.

The buildings are purposely designed to the human scale to fit into the project’s rural environment as well as have a positive effect on visitors’ well-being. To meet the highest levels of sustainability our buildings are passive and lean, robust and stable. We have connected every building strongly to the outdoors for tourists to experience the natural environment from every single room.

Project in collaboration with Atkins Beijing