Beijing CBD

Beijing CBD

Beijing CBD is Atkins’ competition entry for the CBD Core, a mixed use development of more than 2 million square meters in the heart of Beijing.

The CBD Core is the vibrant heart of the CBD. It aims to be functionally diverse – with culture, retail, finance, corporate headquarters, creative industry, hospitality and a large central park – as well as sustainable – carbon neutral, self sufficient in water, and including a public transport plan that connects into the local transport network.

The creation of a positive urban experience is vital to the success of the new neighbourhood. To emphasize this we have augmented the large central park at the heart of the development with an additional ring of grade level pedestrian spaces. This ring interconnects the major building blocks and intersects the new park whilst creating a metaphorical symbol to define the CBD core as the centre… the centre of the CBD, the centre of the new Beijing, and the centre of China.

A collection of high-rise office buildings set around the central park mark the new development. An astonishing 469 metre tall mixed use tower is the centre-point for the new CBD Core – a vertically integrated, mixed use iconic tower that will become a new symbol for Beijing. The skyline created by the new CBD Core will form the visual heart of Beijing, dominant from all angles of the city, literally marking the Central Business District for all to see.

Project in collaboration with Atkins Beijing