design hofjeswoningen

Design hofjeswoningen – Doing more with less

Maximum result with minimum resources – that’s our main aim transforming the mews houses at Westeinde.

How to use the available floor space best? How to improve the façade design with minimum intervention? How do we maximise thermal comfort and minimise energy consumption for every apartment? How to use the available budget in the smartest possible way?

Unconventional floor plan

We propose three small city dwellings with ground and first floor. Due to the size of the dwellings efficient planning is essential.

Therefore we turn the classic house upside down – we locate bedroom, bathroom and toilet on the ground floor and living room and kitchen upstairs. This way we don’t lose valuable living room space to toilet, staircase and storage space. Upstairs the entire floor offers open plan living – flexible space to be used at will.

Comfortable and healthy living

Modern city dwellings ask for maximum comfort in a healthy environment. While energy consumption needs to be reduced to a minimum.

We reduce heat loss of the building through insulation of roof, walls and ground floor. We propose to exchange old, single glazed windows with new insulated window frames and insulated glazing. New, energy efficient central heating boilers combined with underfloor heating systems reduce energy consumption further.

A simple, demand-controlled ventilation system takes care of good indoor air quality without expensive changes to the building.

A new façade

We improve the untidy look of the building without touching its structural walls and propose to change only façade openings.

New windows and wall panels bring back rhythm and horizontal lining to the façade.

We choose to clearly show what we change. In façade openings we install anodised aluminium window frames, wall panels and doors in champagne colour. An industrial material suits the current look of the building well while the warm champagne colour combines nicely with the white plasterwork walls.

The character of the façade remains intact – the simple architecture of the 19th century mews house mixed with the industrial character of later additions and adaptations.

Maximum gain

We limit the architectural intervention to maintain as much of the existing building as its condition permits. We peel off defective and useless parts of the building and add a new and modern layer where required.

Maximum gain from the available budget. Change what needs changing with as few resources as possible.

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