studio suit is a committed and experienced architecture firm. We design architectural interventions in existing buildings and urban fabric.

We accommodate contemporary, healthy and comfortable live and work space for people in renewed and adapted buildings and sites.

Sensible interventions

Maximum gain from the available budget. Change what needs changing with as few resources as possible. How do we do more with less is the key question to any design proposal.

Sustainable development

Sustainability essentially is about good design. Buildings that are energy efficient, flexible, comfortable and healthy in use will generally have a long life and in terms of sustainability long life is a good thing.

Beautiful design

Our designs are simple and effective, yet sophisticated. We have an eye for detail and understand how things are built. Our buildings are more than the sum of their parts.


We believe in collaboration. We bring together client, users, municipality, designers, engineers and builders from the start of a project to generate the best results. Depending on complexity and location we select the required experience from our network of partners.

Gino CV

ir. Gino Koenraadt, architect

Gino founded studio suit in 2013 to provide an architectural design service specific to existing buildings and urban fabric.

He is committed to developing sensible and sustainable architecture that benefits people and environment. He has a thorough understanding of the rigorous design process required to acknowledge today’s demand for sustainable design and commercially realistic projects.

Gino’s experience encompasses 15 years in the construction industry – he developed his design and management skills working with demanding clients on high profile projects in Europe, China, and India. With Foster + Partners he guided the design team on a luxury hotel and residential tower project in Mumbai. With Atkins he led the international, multi-disciplinary team on the competition entry for the Beijing CBD competition.

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